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How it works

How ABA therapy services work

Get your behavior plan
Tell us your story. We listen. Introduce us to your child. We get to know them very well.
Then, we write a behavior plan about the changes YOU want.
Is bathtime a nightmare? Do you wish your child would tolerate it a bit better? Do you want them to tantrum less and start using words? Do you wish your child could have a playdate—and actually interact with the other child? Whatever is worrying you right now can be something your team will work on.
We’re the rare agency that actually GETS it: ABA services are not about us. They’re about YOU:
  • YOUR concerns
  • YOUR hopes and desires
  • YOUR child’s unique challenges.
From the very first visit, we make improving your life and your child’s life our focus.
Get authorized by your insurance now
Start ABA services
Get services at your home or school, on your schedule.
You don’t want to shake up your schedule. And you shouldn’t have to. Now you can get your child the ABA they need...and ALSO:
cheer yourself hoarse at your daughter’s soccer game,
nap your toddler when he needs it,
and show up on time for parent-teacher conferences (in lipstick).
We make things as easy as possible. So you can worry less and enjoy more life-things on cruise control.
Hassles we take off your plate:
  • Getting your child authorized for services by their insurance
  • Scheduling sessions at places and times that work for you
  • Making sure you’re happy with your child’s therapist
  • Finding a team is the right fit for you and your child.
Get ongoing support
Learn hands-on with your child with expert support.
Learn hands-on with your child with expert support. Track your child’s progress on our online portal.
You’re okay with celebrating baby steps, but you want to be totally sure that your child is making progress.You’re ready to put in the work at home; you just need someone to show you how.
We make the journey 100% supportive, transparent and trackable.
Get the kind of support that makes you feel “I’ve got this.” Ask any question without feeling stupid, get help with all things related to your child’s struggles, and start feeling like you know what to do in those (many) challenging situations. We give you:
  • Hands-on training where your child’s therapist teaches YOU to implement your child’s behavior plan
  • Access to an online portal where you can review session notes and track your child’s progress at any time.
  • Ongoing assessment and clinical supervision, so your child’s plan can be tweaked wherever needed
  • Responsive office support so you can troubleshoot any scheduling issues or raise new concerns about your child.
Jack Peterson
It’s only been two weeks, but just knowing that we’re getting started is huge for us. Sasha loves her therapist, so that’s amazing... we have a lot more hope.
Jack Peterson
Sasha's Dad - Phoenix, AZ
BehaviorCare Therapy Parent
most major insurances accepted
Don’t see your network here?
Ask us to help you get authorized.
100% confidence you’re in good hands
Our therapists are trusted by parents like you.
Have 100% confidence that your child is in the right hands.
Background checked
All our therapist are thoroughly credentialed, vetted and screened for your safety and peace of mind.
Qualified and experienced
Qualified +
You deserve qualified care. We only send out therapists with prior experience in the field of ABA.
Parent reviewed
We collect parent feedback on every provider, holding our team members accountable to you and families like yours.
Reach out now,
get started now.
No wait list
The sooner you reach out, the sooner we can start.
Have questions?
Chloe can help
Finding the right solution for your child can be confusing. We care about your child and want to help you. Even if you’re not sure what you need or simply have some questions, get in touch. Chloe, our clinical supervisor, will give you a callback to answer your questions.
The sooner you reach out the sooner we can get started.
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